There is only one, and only one, much frivolous drama in sit n go pokerrepublik tournaments. In terms of the number of dangers and the severity of the consequences, it ranks well above others. It’s only 1 – if you call the opening racket bet at the start of the championship with each of your chips, and if the hand is lost, you are knocked out.

Simply put, if you agree to a competitor’s invitation to the race to get all your chips. Or, put it another way, when you agree to give up all control of this play of your hand and point the cards through a destiny procedure, having to choose whether you don’t.

Have you thought of a situation like this before? Basically, when you call an all-in bet, you put an eye patch around your face, push your chip in the middle, sit back, and wait for the fickle, unbelievable, bastard (luck) to choose your fate.

Of course, you are a demonstration. “Imagine when I carry two great cards? I would happily spend the risk of elimination in hopes of multiplying my stack. Besides, opportunities like this might never come again. If I double, my chances of winning will be improved more, and also there may be one less opponent between me personally and also the amount of money. And, besides all that, I will be challenged. I can’t possibly let the competition push me. I am a brave warrior, not even a retreating coward! “

OK, you’ve made a compelling argument, aside from those own efforts. And, I think one or more of your arguments are exactly the ones that many players use when jumping to a particular race. But, before we get started on the jump, why don’t we dig a little deeper.

First, let’s look closely at the qualification requirements mentioned in the First few paragraphs:

  1. ‘Opening preflop guesses’.

Therefore, your opponent has opened the bet by putting in lots of chips to pay off your stack. No upgrade and upgrade action. No activity whatsoever to show the strength of his hands. You’ll only find two indications of his intensity – the simple fact he’s pushing and possibly his location.

So when compared to normal hands, you are at a disadvantage due to lack of advice. You don’t have a measure of the strength of your opponent’s hand – he’s weak or strong, or anything in between.

  1. ‘At the start of the championship’.

This equates to some other disadvantage of information for you, as you don’t need to have time to observe the prevailing styles of this particular opponent. You may think it’s enthusiasm, but there are actually so many opportunities without further information.

He might set a noose with A-A for greedy opponents. He may mistake a pot that is too small with 2-3 unsuitable suits. He could be tipped off from bad deletions in previous tournaments. He might take calculated odds with J-T satisfied. Or, he may be motivated by the expectation of getting an early double-up simply because he knows, as a result of his own experience, that this is his best chance to live in the middle stages of the tournament. You don’t know, nor do you need enough monitoring time to get a good feel.

  1. ‘The result will be determined by fate’.

Say, you are given the top two cards. However, there is absolutely no guarantee of a final result of victory. Granted, the maths tells us you’ll get plenty of fight – class time, assuming you actually have the most useful starting hand. However, your “most of the period” could be the original thin perimeter – basically, “a coinflip.p

And, the odds of playing with questionable principles – your “whole period”, regardless of whether the margins are thin or wide, can come true to the point of suffering through countless deductions.

So, in one such test, you can’t rely on “most of the time” to turn yourself into a winner. “The odds usually don’t work out that way. Even your A-A might, for example, get down to K-K, even A-K, J-T, also 2-2, many times in a row, before finally standing in the fight. You see, the idea of ​​being popular is Profession, not absolute.

In fact, when gambling, you should hit the margin (edge) most of the time when you choose, within the limits of your own bankroll. In sit n go championships, however, you have a lot of fun with a tiny, nasty, non-refillable bankroll. Your heap is vulnerable, easy to lose, and if misplaced, your tournament is efficiently bankrupt. This will be an unwanted effect, which will be protected.

So, since you can be a conceptual favorite by a wide margin, then you are not a guaranteed total winner. So every time you push your pocket money just by calling the all-in bet, if the impossible happens, and you’re down too; You are completely, maybe not, eliminated.

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